About Us

Kidd Inn Early Learning Centre Ltd

Kidd Inn has recently extended its grounds to embrace our under 2's centre Just Kidd Inn. We have created a unique environment where our Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers have there own individual edifice, where these areas can be shared & manipulated to ensure our needs as a whole centre are meet cohesively. 

Our Babies room is called the Morepork room, as infants can be night owls. The curriculum is based around genuine respectful relationships & practices. We endeavour to structure our day around the needs of each child, to ensure this we have incorporated a Key Caregiver approach., where each educator has a group of children and they complete all of their Key Care Moments eg nappy changes, lunch, bottles and being put to sleep.

The Toddler room is called the Tuis, as they are so busy. The toddlers are in a purpose built building, where the unique needs and urges of this age group are meet and fostered. We have extended our Key Caregiver approach with the age group to ensure continuity at a high level of quality care.

The Preschool area is called the Kereru room, as they love to explore and investigate. We also have Te Kete Aronui, where a small group of our older 4 year olds further develop the skills required for the transition to school. The preschool area is designed to foster optimal learning at the children's pace. We have specific environments that provide opportunities for exploration, where educators are present to scaffold and build upon these experiences. 

Kidd Inn provides a vast range of learning experiences based upon the children’s current interests and enhanced through the ingenuity of highly skilled and motivated teachers.  The environment is constantly under review in order to ensure we are providing the children with exciting new challenges, which intensifies the imagination.

Everyday is a new fun-filled day at Kidd Inn.  We believe while the children are playing and having fun they are learning to become self-directed self-motivated learners.  We believe in warm responsive care that creates respectful relationships, promoting self -esteem and self worth.  We promote a healthy relationship with the planet by teaching sustainable practices, such as gardening, composting and reducing waste, therefore installing good practices for life within our children.

For further information, please ensure you read our Philosophy, to ensure that our centre aligns with with your family values, aspirations and goals. 

Testimonial from Kimberley White…..

When we were looking to relocate from Sydney the first task I completed was sorting out care for my two children. It was important to us that the centre we chose was family orientated, with an appreciation for the individual child, caring staff that would treat our children as if they were their own.