About Us

Just Kiddinn Too

Our baby’s room is the hub of the centre, with its homely ambience and friendly faces. The babies quickly develop very fond and loving relationships with their teachers, which installs a sense or security and promotes an optimal learning environment. Babies are treated with respect and dignity, their individual needs nurtured in a caring and endearing environment.

Once two the children eagerly enter the next realm of their development – the over two room, with their focus on a nature based curriculum which is inspired by a combination of Reggio Emilia, Steiner and a fun loving team. The environment is set to provide meaningful and multiple learning opportunities, with the emphasis on engaging in nature and installing a sense of wonder in our young minds. ‘Wonder’ is an important motivator for life long learning.

To the team at Just Kidd Inn Too.

Well where did 5 years go…..I remember clearly as a first time mother going back to work when I handed my 5 month old baby girl over for her first day at Just Kidd Inn Too. It was so heartbreaking for me but you all welcomed us with open arms and I felt very reassured that my little girl was in the best care. Then of course a few years later our second baby joined the Just Kidd Inn Too family. What a wonderful place and most importantly such amazing staff. You offered an educational, loving, warm and safe environment for both our girls and it really did become a home away from home for them. It was comforting to know they were being well cared for by people that shared the same values, hopes and dreams for our children. You always went the extra mile and had a genuine love for every single one of those children at the centre. Thank you so much also for the wonderful Journals we received for each of the girls,they mean a lot to us. All those precious little moments we missed, we now have something to treasure. Thank you. You have been a huge part of our girl’s lives and we are so grateful for everything you have done for our family over the years.

Thank you The Grants xxx